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Morningstar Christian Chapel

Sign your child up for a week of Bible lessons, crafts, games, and snacks. Let the adventure begin as they discover God's abundant love for them!

V.B.S. for children: 3-years old (must be potty-trained) through 6th grade

V.B.S. Dates and Times:      Session 1  July 20 - July 24
                                         Session 2 July 27 - July 31
                                         9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Parents:  Drop off children in the Main Sanctuary daily

V.B.S cost: FREE! Jesus has paid the price!
* Registration begins Sunday, May 31st
Register in Room #3 after services during the week.

VBS Craft Donation List

·      Cotton Pillow Batting (fluffy)

·      Vegetable Oil

·      Colored Mini Marshmallows

·      Dry Spaghetti (long)

·      16.9 oz Bottled Water

·      8 oz Bottled Water

·      Alka Seltzer

·      Food Coloring (variety box)

·      Plastic or Rubber BIG bugs (butterflies, worms, frogs, spiders, fish, walking stick, praying mantes, etc. – approx 2”x2”)

·      Clear Self-Stick Shelf Paper

·      Parchment Paper (baking)

·      Washi Tape (paper) – ¼”

·      Snack Size Ziploc Bags

·      Lunch/Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags

·      Gallon Size Ziploc Bags

Note:  Please bring all donations to the Sunday School Office (Room 3) by Friday, July 10th.


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